Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Beta #2

Dr's office called with Beta #2 results:

HCG: 240 18dpo
Progesterone: they're still only saying >20.

The HCG doubled!! (It was 114 16dpo)

Can we really believe this is happening now? On Monday, Husband and I had gone out for a really nice dinner at Buddakan for his birthday. I had gotten him a bunch of gifts, which I'd left at home, but I carried one with me. A special purchase I'd made that I wondered if I'd ever be able to give to him: a Dad's that are Expecting book.

He got teary eyed. That made my night.

It still feels unreal however. I had trouble sleeping again last night and when I had to visit the loo yet again, took a HPT... Just to make sure that second line is still there. And it was... Don't know if this feeling of doubt ever goes away?

Next up: OB scan next Wednesday.


Jill said...

That is such great news! Fantastic! What a great way to close out this year and look forward to 2010!!

I wish they told you more about your progesterone though. I called my doctor to make sure she personally was ok with my progesterone level and didn't feel the need to supplement. I found that the nurses who reported the results to me didn't necessarily realize I have PCOS and could have low progesterone issues.

trying in Manhattan said...

yes that worries me too.

But from all my research it seems an above 20 progesterone level for the 1st trimester is pretty good?

Since my RE is a PCOS specialist I'm assuming his staff are keeping that in mind. But maybe I shouldn't assume.

I'll ask when I see him next Wed. What was your level?

Serendipity said...

great news!

The feeling of doubt doesn't really leave you but it does lessen with each milestone met. I took a HPT every day from my first BFP until about 11 weeks - cost me a fortune but it helped save my sanity :)

Good luck for your scan next wednesday!