Thursday, December 10, 2009

cost of IVF

While I was at the RE’s today, I met with the finance lady.

Last consultation I had with the doctor, when we were discussing next steps, he suggested moving straight to IVF as people with PCOS over-respond to injectibles. And IVF gives him more control over multiples. We drew up a IVF protocol as well as one for Injectibles.

Husband and I decided we weren’t ready for IVF, in that we wanted to do more research and as we didn’t want to miss treatment this month, we proceeded with the Gonal F.

I met with the Finance lady today to get an idea of how much IVF at this clinic costs. The cost for IUIs and other treatment here have been more expensive than estimates I see online, so I was worried. She said a cycle would run me 12,000 plus medication. We are fortunate that we have a lifetime limit on our insurance but that it covers up to 24,000$. I’ve been relieved to see that none of the treatment so far, other than the 4 IUIs have been applied to this 24K. After 2 more IUIs this month, that will bring me to about a 3000 expense against the 24,000. Which leaves us with enough for about 2 IVF cycles. This was really a relief to hear.

I realize many people don’t have any coverage, but when you’re paying through the roof for a really comprehensive insurance plan and on top of that the medical bills are piling up, it still feels like a lot.


Anais said...

Thanks for your blog, a few years later it is still very useful :).
i don't know if you still read the comments but I am going to try my luck:
- I am doing my 4th round of clomid and if it doesn't work moving to injectibles in November.
- you said you were supposed to move straight to IVF but you are doing a round of clomid+gonal-F, isn't that a round of injectibles? Or am I misunderstanding and it is actually a step between clomid alone and injectibles?
Sorry a bit confused and trying to understand what is going to happen to me if this round of clomid doesn't work and I move to injectibles. If it is the same as you the protocol doesn't seem too painful...
Hope your toddler is growing well :) TTC2 soon?

pregnant in manhattan said...

Hi Anais-

yes you understood correctly.

Rather than jump directly to IVF, we had done our research and read that for some couples a mixed protocol (clomid + injectibles) yielded positive results. And we discussed trying this with our RE before moving straight to IVF, which I was not feeling ready for.

Our RE actually wasn't too encouraging about doing a mixed protocol, and I have to say it was my husband who insisted. I think by that point I was just too discouraged.

We did it and as uncomfortable as injecting oneself was, it wasn't too bad and allowed us the greatest gift : life.

Our daughter is a darling and I am thankful every single day that she is ours. That never quite leaves you.

Good luck! And happy to answer any other questions you have.