Friday, December 25, 2009

so couldn't help myself and did another POAS tonight and it was still only faint... almost even less faint than this morning... I suppose morning pee has higher concentration of HCG?

Period was supposed to arrive Saturday. I am dying to go to the Dr's for bloodwork but will need to wait until Monday.



Jill said...

I used a strip that looked just like yours and got a very faint line on 11dpo so I went out and got a digital. I know some of the digitals are less sensitive but much to my surprise I got a positive on that later in the day. Don't freak out if you run out and buy one and it's negative though because I know they can be less sensitive. Good luck!!

Serendipity said...

I used a strip like yours and got a BFN at 10DPO after getting BFP on a FRER and two different types of clearblue tests... different tests require different levels of HCG for a positive.

Oh and my line did not get darker every day like you see some womens, I spent a few days worrying it was a chemical and trying not to get excited because of it but turns out that it's totally normal.

congrats! I look forward to reading your blood numebrs!