Sunday, January 10, 2010

6 wks starts with a scare

Last night I was tossing and turning and unable to sleep. Around 2am, I felt two sharp stabbing pains in my lower left abdomen. I hadn't felt this before. I got up and drank some water, and after it didn't happen again, I tried going to sleep.

Today afternoon, I started having mild cramping in my lower left abdomen. This lasted about 90 minutes. I felt for sure something was wrong, and started sobbing. Husb had to calm me down in a major way. After 90 minutes it dissapeared... but I'm still filled with dread.

I hear cramps are meant to be a regular part of many people's first trimester... but it is still disconcerting to not know which are the "normal" cramps and which ones are ominous. Last time I was at the dr's and he asked if I had any concerns, I offhandedly mentioned I sometimes felt some mild twitching on the left side. He looked around with the sonogram and said everything looked fine. I hope so. I am torn as to whether call the Dr and go see him tomorrow or if this is just part and parcel.

Anyone who's had cramps- was it passing or did it last this long?

Keep me in your prayers! Little bean, mama needs you to stay strong.

UPDATE: Dr's office called back. The nurse said it could either be gas, the uterus stretching or due to any strenuous activity. I'd gone to the gym after a long while the day before...


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry but I have no advice.:( praying everything is ok with little baby!

Crunchy Baby Mama said...

I DEFINITELY have cramps. Even some spotting. Last time I checked, everything was a-ok. Hope everything stays good with you :)

Serendipity said...

I cramped for weeks, it was scary but pefrectly normal I'm told

pregnant in Manhattan said...

thanks ladies for the reassurance... I guess I know cramps are part of the journey, but was concerned because my cramps lasted a while... Do yours?

I've called the dr today and am waiting for a call back.

Kelli said...

I cramped a lot and for pretty long stretches of time (almost constant) for the first several weeks. It scared me to death! But the good doc assured me that it was okay...totally normal, in fact...and it was.

I thought that those early cramps were scary until I started to get round ligament pain...just wait, my friend. :) Talk about a complete and total FREAK OUT! Again, totally normal but completely terrifying for gals like us.

You're right in calling your doc, have to do what feels right to you and that's what they are there for. Hope that they can give you some more reassurance.

Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Hi there...with my 1st pregnancy, I had all kinds of weird pains. Some sharp and sudden, some more like aches or cramps, on and on. My MD told me that as long as the pain was fleeting, there was no cause for concern. (I think she was trying to reassure me that these pains go along with the territory.)
best of luck...rachel