Friday, January 8, 2010

musings on what to eat... use... do

Maybe because we've wanted this for so long but there's not much I think I will miss during my pregnancy.

  • Due to my Metformin, I'd eased off the drinking for over a year now and other than the occasional glass of wine every two weeks, I haven't been regularly drinking for a long while now. So completely giving it up has been fine. Yesterday night, husband and I went out with some friends to a jazz bar and everyone was drinking but I sipped my Pellegrino with lime and was pretty content. Won't miss it.
  • I live a fairly "green" life, so the transition to green products and eating more organic and all of that already happened a few yrs back. So we're good to go on that front.
  • Due to the Insulin Resistance, I've been practicing a low glycemic diet for a while now and it comes pretty naturally at this point.
  • I thought I'd miss coffee but maybe it's the aversion to acidity right now, but I haven't craved coffee. I have been allowing myself one caffeinated tea a day and drinking de-caf tea other times.
The ONLY thing I know I will sorely miss (because I already do) is SUSHI. I love love love sushi and maki rolls and used to eat it atleast twice a week.

I was talking about this with my sister, who lives in a foreign country and she said her doctor said sushi was fine. The bacteria they're worried about with raw fish would get anyone sick if they consumed it, and most reputable sushi places would never risk their reputation by serving problematic raw fish. Anyhow sushi fish is always of a high quality. Women in Japan apparently eat sushi throughout their pregnancies.

This leaves me in a conundrum. Yes I do think doctors in the US are overly vigilant. It's for example pretty normal to see a pregnant woman in Europe have a guiness or a glass of wine. Everything in limited quantities and the effect on a fetus is thought to be non-existant. Also having done my Master's in gender issues, a lot of fear mongering goes back to a medical profession that doesn't put much faith in a woman's ability to moderate herself and use common sense. That resonates with me.

What do you all think? Have you followed the advice of avoiding everything to a T or have you figured out more what works for you?

ps: thought the photo was interesting. I'm guilty of the mixing the wasabi in with the soy sauce :)


Jill said...

I don't eat sushi, and therefore won't miss it! I only rarely enjoy a latte and if I really wanted to now I would just go with caffeine free or drink just half.

I was told not to eat cold lunch meat. Problem is that one of my favorite lunches is a nice ham sub sandwich (and I can't make it myself when sub shops do such a good job!). My doc did confess that she had this once in a while and so will I up until the 3rd trimester when the risk from the bacteria is greatest.

I was also told not to eat peanuts or peanut butter, which I totally ignored. Mostly because it was one of the only things I could stomach early on. Then I did some more research and the suggestion that eating peanuts while pregnant leads to baby having peanut allergies seems bunk to me. Even Mayo Clinic thinks so and recommends a nice peanut butter sandwich as a nice way to get protein. Good enough for me!

Oh, but the thing I am dying for?! Diet Coke. I have already ordered a giant Diet Coke and ham sub to be at my bedside pronto after I deliver. :)

trying in Manhattan said...

why are you asbtaining from the DC? I got some caffeine free DC- is it the aspartame?