Friday, January 15, 2010

Dr's visit, 6w6d

Thank you all for your messages yesterday SO much. This blog has become such a place of comfort and camaraderie for me. All due to all you wonderful ladies- thank you!!

Just wanted to do an update on my doctor's visit today. I was so nervous going in and the doctor saw me as soon as I got there which I appreciated, since the wait is usually very long. Once I lied down for the sonogram, I was so distracted with worry that when the doctor looked over and smiled at me, it took me a while to realize he had the heartbeat on the speaker for us to hear. I cannot put into words what a relief that was. Little one was beating fast (140, which I understand is pretty strong for 6w6d).

But the next news wasn't as comforting... the little one is only measuring at 6w3d. Apparently doctor's leave a 3 day margin, so he said to not get too worried about it, especially since the heartbeat was strong, but that we did need to hold off on celebrating just yet. :(

He's scheduled me for another sono in a week's time, and after that if things look good, he said he'd then encourage us to celebrate.

Little bean, please grow. Mommy and daddy love you.

While he was zooming in on the sac, husband asked what the other black dot next to little bean's sac was. Doctor then proceeded to tell us we probably had the beginnings of a twin, but that it didn't develop. I really wish he'd just lied and told us it was nothing. Since it measured really small, I know it's not worth being sad about, but still makes a little sad you know.

Anyhow, so for today I am grateful that we heard a strong heartbeat. And I hope that news quells my anxiety for the time being but I know I will not rest easy until my sono next Thursday.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that the baby is doing well. I'm sure it was wonderful to hear the baby's heartbeat!! I'll keep you in my prayers that this week will go by quickly, and that everything will continue to develop great!!

Jill said...

So glad you heard a great heartbeat! That is awesome news. I have often heard the measurement at that time can be tough, 3days isn't too bad - I hope next time the growth has been right on track. I can understand why you would feel a twinge (or more) of sadness for a baby that might have been or tried to be...

Red said...

That is a strong heart beat. Champ measured a few days behind what we thought he was (and then came out a few days 'late') and luckily then I didn't know enough about it all to worry! Sometimes too much knowledge is just a worry.

Fingers still crossed for Thursday.

Kelli said...

I'm so glad that you posted...I have been thinking about you today! What a wonder to hear the heartbeat! It is magical. I hope that when you find yourself worrying over the next week that you'll remember that sweet sound. :)

We have dealt with the vanishing twin thing before and it IS sad. We took time to grieve for that baby just like we did any other that we had was just the thing for US to do. So, I think it's understandable that you feel sad...only you know how you and DH need to deal with it. I do hope that you'll find a measure of peace with it all, though.

And I know that telling you not to worry is a moot point, but I'll do it anyway. :) During this pregnancy we've measure both behind and then ahead of where we actually are and things are going all depend on how fast that your little bean decides to grow. We'll keep praying and keep our fingers crossed for a good report next week!

[cre] said...

Awwwwww! How exciting!!!
Try to hang onto that good news!!!