Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dreaded 3 day wait before First Dr's Appt

I don't "feel pregnant".

No nausea. Or tender boobs. I actually had 2 days of that earlier on. And queasiness here and there, but my metformin causes that too.

The only "symptoms" I have are:

1. FATIGUE: like extreme fatigue. I've had a few days off for the holidays and I've been napping every afternoon for 2 hours or so. I have never in my life been a napper. In the night-time I either have a really good deep sleep or toss and turn all night, no in btwn. Being on holiday, that's been ok because I just get my 7 hrs no matter when I fall asleep. Since I head back to work tomorrow, that'll be a problem. I went to watch Avatar with Husband yesterday and I FELL ASLEEP in the theatre :)

2. Cervical mucous- I've started routinely wearing panty liners as it's really "wet" down there. I googled it and it seems to be discharge from the cervix that is preparing itself.

So that's it ladies. I almost wish for some nausea to feel reassured that everything is ok in there...

I know the next 3 days will be really anxiety inducing- I'll just have to try and stay busy at work and think of other things.

Happy first week back at work of the year everyone!

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Jill said...

Fatigue = good sign. Extra *ahem* wetness = good sign (your lady biz likes to keep itself extra flushed out to prevent infections from getting up in there - that is what I was told). Queasiness = good sign. I did not feel all out nausea until after 6 weeks and I wished it on myself too. Now I am feeling ready to be rid of mine. Would you like it? ;)

You're doing awesome! HAng in there until the appt. I totally sympathize with how you feel right now. Good luck!