Thursday, January 21, 2010

7w5d RE visit

Thank you so much for the overwhelmingly supportive response. This little community we have online has become such a space for comfort for me- thank you!

I was a basketcase today. I worked from home this morning since I couldn't fathom facing work people on such a day. Mid-way through the day while on an international call, I had a really long bout of nausea. I actually stood up and did a little dance :) Nausea = good.

I found a thimerosol free H1N1 location (one location in ALL of NYC!) and got that done to pass some time, and then headed to the Doctors for my appointment. On this day, already beyond worried, the wait was horribly long. Finally they called us in and then I had to wait again, this time naked in the stirrups.

FINALLY the RE appears. He slides in the wand, and voila on today of all days, the little one was playing hide and seek. Doctor couldn't really get a good look at the baby. He tried this way and that way. Finally he had me hold my breath and he heard the heartbeat (a solid 160.. it was 140 a week ago). He then tried the stomach ultrasound today to see if he could get a better look. In terms of measurements, he said he wasn't able to get a precise one but he put me at 7w3d, whereas I am actually 7w5d. He told us this was good, that the progress since a week ago when baby measured 6w3d was good.

But the look on the RE's face made me think he wasn't telling us the whole story. My guess is that he wasn't able to get as good a look and thus wasn't so confident in the measurement. Last week, he had said he'd be releasing us this week to my regular OBGYNs. But today he said he wants to see me again, once we're back from our beach trip, in a week's time. This really worried the husband, who's convinced that if all was well he wouldn't have told us to come back in a week. My husband is a worry wart but I for one will sleep well tonight and let my faith that my body knows what to do tide me over.


Anonymous said...

That's so great that the baby is growing!! Yay! Hope you have a wonnderful trip!

Jill said...

So great to know the baby has grown, that is the most important thing!! Enjoy your vacation and relax and hopefully baby will cooperate better next time!

Rach said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy!!


Rach said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy!!


Amy said...

Great news!

Kelli said...

Regardless of your RE's caution, you got GREAT news!! A growing baby, a strong heartbeat and no indication of problems...what a great visit. :)

So glad that it went well. Now, enjoy your vacation!!

Amber said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy!
BTW I had the regular H1N1 shot when I was pg. I just gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy 2 weeks ago - I struggled with the decision to get the H1N1 shot too but it was definitely worth it to know that he's protected now.

Amber - ICLW

Terry Elisabeth said...

Congratulations !!

Kimbosue said...

Congrats! My RE didn't release me until I was 12 weeks. No worries.