Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fear... Anxiety... 6w5d

I have been feeling incredibly anxious yesterday and today. To the point I cannot function, or think of anything else.

The "symptoms" I was having of some cramping and needing to pee often seem to have disappeared. Leaving me with no symptoms. I feel some dread and can't escape feeling like there's nothing in me. I have tried to relax and think positively, as that usually works, but that is not working for me anymore.

There's no way I can wait until next week to find out what's going on. I called the Dr's and after some fibbing about painful cramping, they scheduled me in for an appointment tomorrow morning.

Now I don't know how I'll make it the next 22 hours.


Kelli said...

Praying that everything is perfectly normal and that it's just that old IF anxiety. Oh, and I'd have fibbed to the doctor's office, too. :)

Jill said...

Good luck with the wait - I hope that everything will look great and you will be totally reassured!

PregnantInNyc said...

thanks for responding ladies. But did you ever have a time when you didn't feel pregnant at all? I'm dying here.

Red said...

I blogged about symptoms dissapearing a few days ago ( ) and received a heap of comments from people saying that they have heard of many people's symptoms coming and going. For the record, my sore boobs are back after I posted. I hope the comments offer you some reassurance before the appointment. Best of luck.

[cre] said...

Just hang in there darlin'. I have read that overwhelming worry is a symptom of early pregnancy! I am glad that you have that appointment in the morning! At the very least, it'll give you something to relax about :)

Thank you for the birthday wishes!

And my dr. hasn't yet discussed Ovidrel with me. This is my 3rd round of Clomid and I know statistics show it usually is at least the 3rd month before women get pregnant with it so I think the dr wants to exhaust the bare minimum options first. But I will definitely put that on my list to discuss with the dr next week!
Thank you :) And good luck tomorrow! Try to stay relaxed and calm (easier said than done, I know!) but that baby needs you to!!

Stefanie Blakely said...

Check out this blog post:

Hope it makes you feel a little better!!!

Kelli said...

To answer your question...YES, I have had several times when I just did't "feel" pregnant. I still do occasionally. Then it will all come roaring back to me when I least expect it. :)

Try to hang in there...fingers crossed that you get a good report in the morning.

Crunchy Baby Mama said...

Oh yeah, DEFINITELY happens! As a matter of fact I personally wish it would happen to me more often :/