Thursday, January 28, 2010


I was going through some ICLW posts today wanting to make up for my lack of commenting while away. I posted earlier about how I struggled with the decision to take part in this month's ICLW not wanting to make anyone uncomfortable. I felt suitably fine when my blog was clearly listed as a newly pregnant IF, and thus only those ok with that would vist. However in posting comments on other's blogs, I feel quite sensitive not knowing if people still TTC will think it presumptious of me to post on theirs?

Anyone else felt this? Thoughts?

ps: enjoying my lunch break by watching "Pregnancy for dummies: third trimester" on Discovery Health- alot of good info! Will have to look up the first and second trimester ones.


Jill said...

I understand how you feel and I wrote about that too regarding December's ICLW. It is also part of the reason I took off of ICLW for January. It's hard and I worry about upsetting people too. I made a point to do most of my comments to people who had already commented on my blog but that only got me so far. Good luck! Look for other pregnant bloggers or those who already have kids.

Anonymous said...

I'm still TTC, but it wouldn't bother me at all if you commented on my blog. I wouldn't take it the wrong way, but I could se why you would be nervous. I like Jill's suggestion. Maybe just commenting on those that already commented on your blog. That way you know that they know youre prgnant.

Kelli said...

I feel the same way about is a little weird and I have also worried about making others uncomfortable. When I read Jill's post about it last month, I decided to only reply to those who commented to me and to those who listed 'pregnancy' or 'parenting' in their description on the ICLW list.

It was a lot harder than I thought and it wasn't really like actively participating in ICLW. Although I did discover a few new reads, I'm thinking about taking a break from it for a while...I don't know just yet.

Oh, and I've seen the "Pregnancy for Dummies"'s older but still has some good info. :)

Red said...

Just read your holiday story, how traumatic but it is great that you managed to turn it into a sort of alright holiday.

Good to catch another glimpse of bubs too! Great heart beats - I think faster heart beat means its a girl - or is that just an old wives tale?

Gia said...

Congrats I'm 14 weeks today and feeling out the loop. I don't know anyone pregnant and recently lost my bff. I have been reading a lot but noticed certain things will scare you more than inform you so be careful. God bless and eat right =)

Amaprincess said...

Congrats on your pregnancy! We are neighbors (I'm from Jersey). I wish you the best of luck in your journey!!!