Tuesday, January 12, 2010

book review: the Real Deal Guide to Pregnancy

I got a bunch of different books from the library to start my "research" on this new realm called being pregnant. It's just my style.. when I found out I had PCOS, I read every book under the sun. And then read everything abt Insulin Resistance... and then everything about ART.. and now it's finally my turn to read the baby books. Of the lot, so far, I've really liked the Real Deal book- it's really informal in tone and basically the information your good girlfriends would tell you (a. if you had shared your news with them, b. if they have been pregnant).
I really found it useful in relation to the other more factual pregnancy tomes, because this one is based on the author and her group of "mommy menagerie", ie real women who have actually been pregnant. I've been fretting about not having morning sickness, as all the books emphasize that, and infact according to her sample, most women didn't have morning sickness. There are also many small tips and tricks (if you're at that stage where your pant is feeling a little snug, leave it unbuttoned, but loop a rubber hand so that it doesn't create that opening bump).. etc.
I think I'll review the various books, or atleast the good ones.
ps: REALLY craving the sour stuff... In the past few days, I've practically finished a jar of pickles.


Kelli said...

I'll have to check this one out...sounds good. I like the ones that are real, not just the technical things that should be happening.

If you're okay with the irreverent and humorous side of things, you should check out "Belly Laughs" by Jenny McCarthey. Totally hilarious (and slightly vulgar)! It's a super short book but it hits on all the topics that she didn't know much about or that people didn't talk about with her that took her by surprise. No real "new" info but an incredibly funny spin on the things that happened in her pregnancy, as well as her very real and touching birth story.

She really goes at it in a "no holes barred" style and isn't afraid to talk about ANYTHING. :) It was definetly a funny read and I'm glad that I picked it up.

Hope you're enjoying your pickles. ;) For me, it's sweets right now...and french fries, things I haven't eaten in ages (due to the PCOS) and now I can't get enough of. I'm sure my waistline isn't going to thank me...

Jill said...

Hi! You're right, I haven't commented here in a few days. Sometimes I write a comment in my head but never actually type it and sometimes I type a comment and forget to go back down the page to enter the verification word. Who knows, I am forgetful these days! And tired!

Sorry you had a scare with the cramps. I know they can be normal but it's scary because they can be not-normal. I had cramping the last few days but then yesterday all of a sudden my bump got big! Just growing pains I guess.

Hope you;re doing well. Read all the parenting books next so you can tell me how to do it right!