Tuesday, January 19, 2010

cranky preggers

I'm only slightly done with my first trimester but I can't wait to be done with it for a few reasons:

I was chatting with my sister (who's due any day now) and she was saying how she felt a million times better once the first trimester was over- can't wait!! And I haven't even had the morningsickness, but I feel like a stranger to myself lately: I'm so highly irritable, I cry at the most random moments (including at work on Friday- so embarrasing!), and the husband and I have been squabbling over silly small things all the time it seems. Not to mention I have ZERO energy!

Other than hopefully physically feeling better 2nd trimester, I think being able to tell people and get some pregnancy sympathy will help a lot.

After a silly fight yesterday (I wanted a footrub and he said he needed to respond to some work emails, so I threw a fit about his priorities- who am I??), husband actually admitted that right now he often "forgets" I'm pregnant and that I need some special attention and he needs to forgive my silly mood spasms. He said once I start showing, he (and others) would remember to treat me more like a pregnant lady. It made sense to me- right?

Work has been absolutely nuts. I don't like talking about it on here, but my work is related to crises, so it's a really fast paced busy environment with lots of long hours. Which I'm normally really used to in my line of work, but lately my stamina is nonexistant.

Anyhow, sorry for such a pity party post... I truly am SO hugely grateful to have this miracle in my life, but I wish others would treat me with some tenderness during this special time you know? Or atleast once I am able to tell them.


Crunchy Baby Mama said...

I'm counting down to that second trimester too! I'm not as patient as you and really can't keep it to myself.. so I can't relate there. Though it does seem to make sense, what your hubby was saying. It'll be obvious soon enough!

Don't feel bad about feeling bad, it's your rite of passage now.

Kelli said...

I completely understand about the wacky hormones...they are killer, aren't they?

Mike kind of had the same ideas as your DH...it was like he 'forgot' that I was pregnant at first. One night while we were fixing dinner, he did something (I don't even remember what now) that ticked me off and I smacked him in the back of the head with the plate I was holding!! It just happened before I even realized it! Thankfully, it was one of those cheapy, plastic types that didn't really injure him...and he had a good sense of humor about it. That was when he (and I) started taking the pregnancy hormones more seriously. :D

I'd love to tell you that it has gotten better (most all of my first trimester symptoms have) but the emotional rollercoaster continues. Like the PP said, it's just a rite of passage.

Hang in there and don't be afraid or worried when you have to let your problems out. That's what your blog (and your readers!) are there for. And don't forget to take care of YOU while you're at it. :)

Jill said...

I totally understand about the lack of energy. All I did was go to work, go home and sit on the couch, and then go to bed every day until 14 weeks. I finally have some energy back but it is not 100% but I will take it!! You'll get there - hang in there!!

Anonymous said...

I'm 9 weeks pregnant and keep feeling isolated and lonely, despite a wonderful husband and family. I think because it's this incredible event just happening inside your body, and the fact that all you want to do it think about your little bean but you have to do stupid stuff like work...plus the raging hormones. Anyway, just glad to know that I'm normal and not the only one going through this!