Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So let me tell you a little story my friends. Tropical babymoon at the beach turned quickly into a nightmare. On our very first day in Mexico, I got into a freak accident. The hammock I was laying in gently somehow broke and fell to the ground. That would have been ok (just 2 feet or so) except the pole the hammock was tied to also came crashing down and one of the decorative arrows on the pole (what genius thought of that) went straight through my thigh muscle tearing a huge hole through the exterior and into the muscle. We were in mild shock initially with my husband not realising I'd been cut. It was only once I felt something sticky on my hand that we realised I was bleeding profusely. This was the scariest part as I didn't know where I was bleeding from. We screamed for help and got them to call the ambulance. Someone knew CPR and came and tied my orange scarf around the wound to stop the bleeding, which quickly turned a bright red. I felt like I was going to pass out from the blood loss but tried my best to stay alert. Husband was hugging me and we were crying thinking for sure our baby was hurt.
After what seemed like a long ambulence ride, we landed at a really modern brand new hospital (much more impressive than ER's here in NY) and was examined by a general practitioner who then had me see a surgeon. We told them from the very start I was pregnant. The surgeon had to do stitches without giving me anything- oh the pain! He gave me antibiotics afterwards and some tylenol for the pain (which did nothing :( ) Next we saw the ob-gyn who did a external sonogram on a kick ass machine that showed everything so clearly. Heart beat was a little high (188) but that flicker of it beating was the most beautiful sight. It was only after this that I breathed a sigh of relief. We are extremely aware of how it could have been a worse situation, if I'd been pierced in a vital organ or god forbid my head. Andfor that we are beyond greatful.
The hotel owners were beyond gracious and we hold no ill-will towards them. They took good care of us and were extremely apologetic. Needless to say vacation was ruined and I spent the next 2 days on a wheelchair. Still managed some sun time at the pool and make the best of the situation, which husband and I are good at.
Back in NY, today we had my doctor check out my wound today and I'm healing well, though I can't walk much and am in quite some pain. I'll have to work from home for the time being, which is ok with my work folks as we're set up to work from anywhere in the world with full access to files remotely. Also went to the OB's for the appt we'd scheduled last week after the doctor had a hard time seeing the little love. Today miraculously little one measured exactly 8w4d!! The heartbeat was 192 which sounded a little high to us, but the doctor re-assured us for all we'd been through it was nothing to worry about.
So that my friends is the story of a vacation that wasn't.
Happy to be home, to be alive, to have my little one beating hard and to catch up w/all of you.


Jill said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry to hear that your vacation took a bad turn but so glad you and the little one are ok. Take care!

Daria said...

Wow! I'm sorry to hear that you didn't have the vacation of your dreams, but thankful that you weren't injured worse!!!

It's also great that you are able to work from home for a bit while you heal up. That's a great system to have! =)

Happy ICLW! And welcome home! =)

Anonymous said...

Omg! That is unbelievable! I am glad that you and little baby are ok!

Journey Girl said...

Oh my goodness, what a nightmare! I am so glad that the baby is okay and poor you, gosh, I hope you are feeling better!

Kelli said...

Hole.Lee.Crap. When you do it, you do it big, don't you?! ;p

First let me say that I am so glad that you and baby both are well. I know that you had to be terrified...I would have been! What a blessing to have such a high-tech hosptial to tend to you as well (even if the pain meds were nixed).

It's too bad that your vacay didn't turn out as planned. It's good to know that you found some good in a bad situation, though, and that you enjoyed some of your time away.

And it's great that you can work from maybe you can get some of the R&R that you missed out on in Mexico.

Glad you're back!! Be sure to take care. :)

princess rose said...

i think i found your blog through the babycenter but thank you so much for blogging, i am due the day after you!
this is my 3rd pregnancy, the 1st 2 were miscarriages. i am optimistic about this one... this is the farthest i have been so far =) sticky vibes for both of us!